Software Engineer (Full Stack)
Job Summary

Software engineers responsible for designing, developing, and providing software package, make it ready to be deployed on production server. Software Engineer must ensure that the software is built with high quality standard and meet the committed delivery timeline. The role requires ability to prioritize well, communicate clearly, have a consistent track record of delivery, excellent software engineering skill, and must be able to work in fast pace environment.

Job Responsibilities
  • Achieve operational objectives by responsible for making sure that the software is delivered with the best quality, meet all the requirements, and within the reasonable timeline. Support integration/production incident investigation with timely resolution.
  • Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices, habits, and make sure that the standards and practices that have been set are followed by the team.
  • Work closely with Product Owner and Application Designer to clearly understand the requirement and can identify what need to be developed and improved. Participate in planning sessions to provide accurate estimation of the requirements provided.
  • Keep up with industry best practices and trends on behalf of the development team and the larger engineering team. Conduct research, tests, and implements new technique that can be reused and applied to any site/software development project.
  • Exploring opportunities and maintaining personal networks to add value to job accomplishments.
Knowledge, Skills and Competency
  • 0-5 years of experience in web frontend technologies (JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS, Less/Sass, AJAX, Web Components) and/or backend service technologies (Java, Node.js, Golang)
  • Experience in using one of modern JavaScript frameworks (e.g. AngularJS, Angular, React, Vue.js, Polymer)
  • Experience in building single page application (SPA) and good understanding of Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Knowledge of web service and its related technologies, RESTful, SOAP, XML, JSON
  • Good understanding of Microservice architecture
  • Experience in working with SQL/NoSQL Database (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB), can write effective SQL statements
  • Experience in using or building CI/CD workflow for web application project
  • Experience in using Git as source code version management tool
  • Experience in mobile application development is a plus (iOS, Android)
  • Knowledge of online security practices and protocols
  • Confidence to challenge the status quo, communicate new ideas, and provide informed opinions
  • Systematic thinking, good problem-solving skill
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