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A-Z employee benefits

Annual leave
15 days of annual leave for all employees, regardless of years of service.
Birthday leave and celebration
A day off in your birth month to celebrate your birthday with collegues.
Coffee with CEO and management team
Get together with the CEO and management team in a relaxed setting and chat about anything from work to your favorite pastimes.
Co-operative membership
Join our savings cooperative to help you save more every month, plus an annual dividend to grow your savings.
Diversity and inclusion
We embrace different perspectives and backgrounds in the workplace and appreciate the many ways in which our employees bring unique perspectives to the table. Our policy is to treat all employees equally and fairly.
Employee privileges
Special discounts on Apple and Samsung items for SCB TechX employees.
Exclusive room price at Tawanron
Book a private room for a secluded stay at the SCB Tawanron Training Center, Chonburi to enjoy leisure time at a special rate.
Flexible benefits
Get the freedom to spend the benefit credits of your chosen budget in any way that fits your lifestyle.
Get well gift basket
A gesture of care we express for employees who need hospitalization.
Housing loan
Housing loan at a special interest rate only for SCB TechX staff.
IPD/OPD insurance coverage for accident, health, and dental care.
Job variety and stability
A wide variety of secured jobs in both technical and non-technical domains are currently available.
Knowledge sharing
The value of one's education cannot be overstated. The company hosts monthly sharing sessions with inside and outside experts who share their expertise in several fields, including technology and competence skills.
Life-event assistance
Financial support for employees in the event of a tragedy, such as an earthquake, fire, storm, or flood, and welfare subsidies in the event that employees and their families are affected by such a tragedy.
Medical checkup
Employees and new hires can undergo a physical examination once a year by choosing a checkup plan that works best for them.
Mental health service
Expert counseling for emotional and mental health issues. Our company places as much value on employees’ mental health as their physical health.
New joiner experience
At SCB TechX, the good times roll from day one. We have a full onboarding program that includes an orientation, a welcome package, and a buddy program so you can talk to someone about any issues you're having.
OKRs performance management
OKRs are a flexible and transparent method of conducting performance reviews, making it the format of choice for evaluations at many of the world's greatest companies, like Intel, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Uber.
Provident fund
Long-term savings program for employees to financially prepare for their retirement.
Phone allowance
All SCB TechX employees are offered monthly telephone and internet allowances.
Qualified and certified world-class tech stack
You have access to the whole suite of technologies used by the company in product development, including world class standard software and development tools, so you may tailor your toolkit to the specifics of your project.
Referral program
Promising employment opportunities are forthcoming. Refer a pal and earn a bonus. Rewards increase in proportion to the number of recommendations made.
Recognition award
Employees who go above and beyond in their commitment to the firm and in serving as positive role models for other workers will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts.
Student program
Excellent opportunities for students interested in gaining practical work experience through internships or cooperative education.
Training center
Employees under the SCBX Group have access to facilities at the SCB Tawanron Training Center.
Tech bootcamp
Don’t worry if you have no prior relevant work experience. The solution is a tech bootcamp program. Trainings, workshops, and on-the-job experience in the field are featured in our intensive technical training program.
Udemy learning
Learning is possible at any age. You’ll find the world's most comprehensive online learning platform here, with more than 185,000 courses covering subjects including business, technology, and more.
We help cover the price of vaccinations to protect against diseases like the flu and COVID-19.
Work-life integration
Everyone has the right to design their own lives. We give our staff more leeway in balancing professional and personal commitments by allowing them hybrid work schedules and flexible hours as needed.
X-ponential career growth
If you are the appropriate individual for us, the future is promising. SCB TechX gives employees a chance to showcase your abilities and advance their careers, whether to become aspiring managers or subject-matter experts.
Yearly performance bonus
Annual bonus based on corporate and individual performance.
Zestful vibes
Last but not least, here at SCB TechX we've got an exceptional culture that makes employees excited about coming to work every day and makes them feel like they're part of a team that can make a difference.

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