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At SCB TechX, we aim to promote individual growth in an open work environment that embraces diversity, encourages trust and build respect among colleagues.


Talent Awards 2022

Best Employer Brand


UX Researcher

As a UX Researcher, you will help SCB TechX design and deliver leading and innovative user experiences across our digital product platforms. 

Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Software Engineer are responsible for deliver the application and ensuring the good quality and security in the time plan. The ideal candidate for this role demonstrates technical excellence, solid engineering principles, ability to write good/clean code and write automate test cases.

SRE Engineer

SRE Engineers are typically responsible for the availability and reliability in AWS cloud based of critical platform services and applications, ensuring they meet the requirements in terms of SLI, SLO and SLA. SRE Engineers also take part in on-call duties to fix cases related to support incident escalation. SRE engineers will collaborate with cross-function team to build and run sustainable product system. understand. The business analyst role is connected to the IT sector as their solutions involve improved technology. 

Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be responsible for leading teams to deliver projects that span across teams. Manage resources, schedules and budget. This also includes management of issues, risks and project change requests to ensure successful and on-time project delivery. Contribute to process improvement initiatives as it relates to improving project delivery. Senior Project Manager might be required to coach and mentor junior staff and ensure that they can manage the projects properly.

UX Writer

As a UX Writer, you will help SCB TechX design and deliver leading and innovative user experiences across our digital product platforms. You’ll be a hands-on copywriting expert, ensuring we craft delightful, clear, and concise copy for our users of digital products, while ensuring a consistent and aligned tone of voice across SCB products. You will work closely with multidisciplinary teams of designers, product managers, product owners, developers in a collaborative agile environment. Your role will enable taking concepts forward and bringing them to life while championing the value that design can bring to the customers and the business.

Database Reliability Engineers (DBRE)

Automation build database by providing self-service tools. analyze and implement solutions regarding database administration (e.g., backups, performance tuning,Troubleshooting, Capacity planning)

Technical Sales

Senior sales are the most experienced members of a sales team, responsible for guiding sales representatives and ensuring that sales targets are met, make relationship with client, generating leads, managing key accounts, and monitoring competitors’ sales activities.

Security Advisory

The security advisory role is responsible for identifying, tracking, and communicating threats and vulnerabilities that may impact infrastructure, application of customers or our organization by working closely with project, infrastructure, DevOps and other teams/asset owners as necessary. Include implement, monitoring and improving DevSecOps tools and processes, automate routine tasks and improve system reliability. Also to play a project manager role in providing security assessment testing for project to ensure the security quality of released application and platform.

Pennetration Tester

Penetration Tester responsible to conduct highly complex offensive security operations testing consistent with known adversary tactics techniques and procedures and contribute to the development of objectives and approaches taken to remediate risk

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst is a professional who works closely with stakeholders to identify goals and business change needs…


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