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| SCB TechX was established through a partnership between SCBX, Thailand's premier financial and technology conglomerate, and Publicis Sapient, a global leader in digital transformation consulting. We aim to deliver innovative solutions that address the requirements of every organization.
Whether through the development of novel products or the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to boost operational efficiencies, we are here to advise and collaborate on solutions that will help organizations grow continually in the present and the future.
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We make innovation for a better tomorrow.


We are a diverse team of top (fin)tech talents providing composable digital platforms to co-create unique financial solutions and experiences for any industry.
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| Combining startup agility with enterprise experience
SCB TechX is the team behind SCBX's successful transition into the digital age. We specialize in creating scalable enterprise-grade solutions for businesses, enabling them to support a huge customer base with the highest level of security.
In order to cut down on unnecessary processes and make room for initiatives, we have structured our company as a startup, enabling us to design solutions for our clients rapidly and efficiently.

| Our leadership

| Our leadership

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image aboutus section3 TriratSuwanprateeb

Trirat Suwanprateeb

Chief Executive Officer

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Jonathan Sharp

Chief Technology Officer

image aboutus section3 PavarejHwangdee

Pavarej Hwangdee

Chief Product Officer

image aboutus section3 YuwananBuranaanusorn

Yuwanan Buranaanusorn

Chief Finance Officer

image aboutus section3 JaruwanLueponglukkana

Jaruwan Lueponglukkana

Chief Human Resource Officer

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