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Simplify KYC with eKYC​

The Anti-Money Laundering Act mandates firms engaging in finance and investment to implement a Know Your Customer (KYC) system to verify the identification of service users prior to conducting transactions. However, identity verification by filling out documents is a burden for firms seeking to verify information and makes things harder for customers.

To address this issue, SCB TechX has created an innovative eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer), a digital identity verification solution that simplifies KYC. Customers can verify their identity through mobile phone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere by scanning their ID card and taking a photo of their face.

How reliable
is eKYC ?
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Reduced procedures

Reduces the complexity of procedures and costs associated with verifying and storing information.

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Reduced errors​

Reduces the possibility of human errors during verification process.

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Enhanced user experience​

Enhances the customer experience by enabling 24-hour, easy and quick verification, eliminating the need to visit business or service locations.

Our features​

Liveness + OCR (Optical Character Recognition)​

Verifies whether the user matches the one on the ID card and transforms service users’ ID card snapshots into digital information instantly, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Liveness + face recognition

Verifies whether the user and the person in the photo are the same person.

DOPA gateway

Compares the information on the user’s ID card to the Department of Provincial Administration’s database to see if the details are valid.

NDID proxy

Connects the digital ID platform for cross-platform identity verification, thereby assisting enterprises without direct connection to the NDID and reducing connection and administration costs.

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Our services​

SCB TechX offers 3 types of eKYC.

1. SDK package

SCB TechX offers an SDK package that provides customers access to a range of eKYC service APIs, such as liveness + OCR. Additionally, it provides supplementary DOPA services and an SDK package for NDID. By integrating SDK into their solutions, customers can tailor it to suit their customer journeys and cater to their own clientele. This includes customization options such as themes, backgrounds, logos, button colors, and more. Customers will be relieved from the burden of designing their own screens, resulting in significant savings in effort and resources.


This option is ideal for customers who already possess customer data and simply need to cross-reference it with DOPA. By utilizing this service there is no requirement to modify the screen flow or alter any aspect of the customer’s journey. Customers can simply transmit the information through the backend system, ensuring the accuracy of the dataset.

3. Connect NDID platform via proxy

This approach is suitable for customers who do not require an SDK and have already developed their own front-end system. These customers can leverage NDID service by connecting through SCB TechX’s proxy. The major advantage is that customers do not need to invest in hardware for setting up nodes, establishing direct connections with the NDID platform, or manually upgrading nodes or data, significantly reducing costs.

We have a team of professionals standing by to answer questions and assess your system’s preparedness. If you are interested in learning more about our eKYC system, please contact us at Email: contact@scbtechx.io

Success story

eKYC Success Story

InnovestX is one of our clients who use eKYC to accelerate the development process and cut through the complexity of KYC.

eKYC verification process​


Register for a service


Capture an ID card and take a selfie


DOPA verification


NDID verification​


Face recognition (optional)​



eKYC for businesses​

You can learn more about how eKYC helps your business by downloading our documents.

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