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In today’s digital era, businesses strive to leverage data to enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge. Yet, the exponential growth in data volume and diversity has rendered traditional data management methods ineffective.


TechX Data Platform is a game-changing solution for data-centric organizations. This enterprise-class data platform harnesses advanced technology and extensive expertise of SCB TechX, a system developer handling big data management for SCB EASY App, Robinhood, PointX, and digital banking products of various leading companies.


Why TechX Data Platform?

ic-One-stop solution

One-stop solution for data management, data analytics and AI

TechX Data Platform offers comprehensive solutions for end-to-end data management, encompassing data integration, data storage, data administration, data analytics, and governance security. It empowers businesses with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities for high-level data analysis.


Tailor-made for businesses of all sizes

TechX Data Platform is customizable for businesses of all sizes, accommodating the diverse data usage requirements of startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. It can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring a personalized and optimized data management experience.


Easy access, low-code solution

TechX Data Platform connects easily to different software, enabling users to extract data and work with their familiar tools such as Power BI and Tableau with ease. TechX Data Platform eliminates the need for coding expertise, allowing employees from any department in an organization to access the information they require effortlessly.


Secure and reliable

SCB TechX collaborates with industry-leading data and cloud service providers like Databricks, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, ensuring the utmost data security and reliability. TechX Data Platform is fully equipped to support data management in line with the Data Governance Framework and the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (PDPA), making it the ideal choice for organizations operating in Thailand.

How TechX Data Platform answers your needs


Enterprise Data Lakehouse

TechX Data Platform leverages the advantages of data warehouse and data lake to create a cutting-edge data management solution known as Data Lakehouse, a flexible and adaptable storage system that enables easy access to information while reducing data management costs compared to traditional data warehouse. For forward-thinking organizations seeking to unleash the full potential of their data, Data Lakehouse is the ideal storage option.


Data Lakehouse Enablement

With TechX Data Platform as a central hub, organizations can seamlessly store diverse data types from various applications in a unified database. This enables efficient data integration between different applications, fostering a systematic approach that unlocks new possibilities for leveraging data to drive business growth and development.


Data Lakehouse as an Archive

TechX Data Platform serves as a secure data lake for archival storage of legacy data on the cloud. This feature not only reduces data storage expenses but also provides the ability to retrieve archived data easily, which enables the fullest use of a company’s legacy data.

Our Solutions

TechX Managed Cloud

Bringing together various data solutions, from data storage, data management and data analytics to AI, TechX Data Platform serves as a one-stop platform solution for our customers to easily choose and utilize the services they need.

Customer Managed Cloud

We provide enterprise platform installation services along with expert advice for our customers, enabling them to independently maintain and manage their systems, and offering professional service support upon customers’ requests.

If you’re interested in TechX Data Platform, our team of experts is ready to provide advice and recommend services tailored to your business needs. For further assistance, please contact us at contact@scbtechx.io

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