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Everyone at SCB TechX knows that speed is essential for the success of organizations, that’s why we have created ready-to-use technologies so that our customers will not have to spend a great deal of time building their products and services from the beginning.

SCB TechX offers a wide variety of available innovations, including digital identity verification systems (eKYC), intelligent chatbots, and financial platforms. These solutions can be instantly and simply integrated into clients’ existing infrastructures and adapted to fit a variety of business procedures. Our customers can roll out enhanced and new services whenever they see fit.

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Featured products

| eKYC

Our eKYC innovation will streamline your identity verification process by reducing the time and energy spent on verification, enabling users to verify their identity from anywhere with just a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Consultation services and integrated solution development

SCB TechX collaborates with clients and stakeholders to develop optimal solutions. In order to provide comprehensive answers to our clients' concerns, we employ a design thinking approach which enables us to see problems from all angles and build solutions that directly address client issues.

At SCB TechX, we have a great team of engineers and UX designers who can transform concepts into digital products tailored to technical specifications and user experience requirements. Therefore, we are able to provide customers a comprehensive selection of solutions in one place.

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Technology infrastructure services and development of digital platforms

SCB TechX began as an IT team assigned with the task to develop the foundations of Siam Commercial Bank's IT infrastructure. For this reason, we have become an industry-leading team when it comes to constructing and managing enterprise-level platforms and infrastructure.

In addition to our experience in traditional infrastructure, SCB TechX has worked with world-class cloud service providers. For this reason, we provide cloud computing infrastructure that will boost the agility of enterprises undergoing digital transformation.

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Featured products

| Cloud Solutions

Unlock the potential for success with Cloud Solutions from SCB TechX. Increase operational efficiency, reduce IT costs, and elevate your business to new heights with our adaptable IT resource services.

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Data &

Data management and cybersecurity services

To drive businesses with technology, precise data analysis is essential. Likewise, cybersecurity is a topic that cannot be ignored.

SCB TechX is ready to offer data management and analysis services to our clients so that they develop insights that will give them a competitive edge in their industries. To further ensure the safety of our clients' IT infrastructures, we also provide security services to counteract any potential cyberattacks.

Featured products

| TechX Data Platform

This innovative solution provides access to all the information you need. With Tech
Data Platform, you can securely manage and analyze your data with precision,
ensuring accuracy and safety. Unleash the potential of your data with this all-in-one
solution for data management, data analytics and Al.

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