An application to redefine your healthcare routines

Keeping up with a healthy diet and regular exercise is a challenge for most individuals. To meet that challenge, the SCB Digital Banking and SCB TechX teams created SPRING UP, a comprehensive digital healthcare app owned by Siam Commercial Bank, to help improve diet and physical fitness for users. Healthy activities are transformed into enjoyable routines employing the concept of gamification.

Nutritionally sound diets and regular exercise are easier said than done, yet we all know how crucial these things are to our health. SCB Digital Banking and SCB TechX have added engaging features on the SPRING UP app, such as:


  • More than 5,000 food options with personalized dietary guidelines.
  • Individualized training programs based on the user’s specific needs and fitness level.
  • A health goal tracker to help keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle resolutions
  • The app’s built-in online doctor consultation service that lets users have an immediate
    conversation with a medical professional.

SCB Digital Banking and SCB TechX have created SPRING UP with a game-like user experience to engage users and make mundane tasks more enjoyable. When users accomplish goals, they gain access to new features and are rewarded in various ways. In-app games are a popular gamification component in SPRING UP, and users may earn in-game items by accomplishing real-world health activities, such as taking images of their meals to estimate calories, and then burning off enough of those calories through physical activity. Individuals will be encouraged to maintain their desired levels of physical activity by means of these tools.

The SPRING UP app has gained attention because it makes staying healthy enjoyable, and the doctor consultation service feature is another key component in the growing popularity of the SPRING UP app.

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© Copyright 2021 SCB Tech X Company Limited. All rights reserved.​

SCB Tech X Company Limited

© Copyright 2021 SCB Tech X Company Limited. All rights reserved.​

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