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Quick launch using Agile 

It’s not unusual for competing businesses to share the same basic ideas in the arena of innovation. This means that rapid product development is crucial if you don’t want to fall behind the competition and lose sales and market share. When SCB TechX adopted the agile development method, the “Mae Manee Application” was ready to be released in as little as four months.

Siam Commercial Bank is responsible for creating the Mae Manee app. Business operations are handled by the Mae Manee Team, although the application was built by the SCB Digital Banking Team (now SCB TechX). At the time, QR code payments were just beginning to gain traction in Thailand. The Mae Manee application, developed by Siam Commercial Bank, features novel QR code payments for small retailers in an effort to address issues brought about by the use of cash, such as insufficient or incorrect change and staff dishonesty. Many financial institutions are keen on this strategy for new product development.

The SCB Digital Banking team used a squad working style based on an agile methodology, starting with a small group of 3–4 experts to reduce the workflow as much as possible and make the Mae Manee application one of the top-grossing breakthroughs in this industry.

By starting with a small team and scaling as needed, the Mae Manee application was developed quickly. The application was built and launched to the public by the Mae Manee Team and the SCB Digital Banking Team in a record-breaking four months. It eliminated the need for cash handling at checkout, allowing retailers of all sizes to accept a wider variety of payment methods.

The Mae Manee application is currently one of the most downloaded retail apps in Thailand. SCB TechX has adopted the Agile methodology to speed up the delivery of solutions to our clients.

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© Copyright 2021 SCB Tech X Company Limited. All rights reserved.​

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