An enterprise-level solution with infinite scalability

The SCB EASY app is one of the most popular financial apps in the ASEAN region, with more than 15 million users, more than 400 million monthly transactions, and connections to more than 200 different services. This achievement demonstrates SCB TechX’s ability to provide solutions suitable for large enterprises.


When SCB TechX was the SCB Digital Banking team at Siam Commercial Bank, our biggest objective was to produce fintech breakthroughs that could support huge scale applications and could be built into a hub for Siam Commercial Bank’s digital services, which may eventually include partners.


To address these issues, we have been at the forefront in developing enterprise-grade solutions that seamlessly integrate infinitely scalable technology with open access to a wide range of services. To facilitate future service extension and to facilitate the rapid development of services within each segment, a microservices-based architectural framework was incorporated into the application’s design.

The SCB EASY app’s performance, steadiness, and safety are all enhanced by our usage of open standard technology and data analytics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the SCB EASY app was put through its paces. The monthly volume of SCB EASY app transactions increased from 150 million to 300 million. However, because it was designed from the ground up to handle massive amounts of traffic, the SCB EASY app has been able to keep serving its users without a hitch, impressing and pleasing both its existing clientele and the growing number of people who have adopted its convenience as part of their new normal.

The SCB EASY app is not only a digital financial platform meeting customers’ needs, but also a channel to present Siam Commercial Bank’s financial products and services in line with the digital transformation strategy that brings innovation to help increase the customer base and decrease operational costs.

SCB TechX, founded in July 2021 and originally operated as Siam Commercial Bank’s SCB Digital Banking team, is responsible for updating and improving the SCB EASY app’s underlying infrastructure.

Creating solutions fit for a large enterprise’s needs is a challenging endeavor that calls for a dedicated team of specialists in all areas of information technology as well as substantial financial banking. When completed, however, this solution will form the backbone of the business, allowing for boundless expansion in the same way as SCB EASY, the digital service center of Siam Commercial Bank and the SCBX Group.

SCB Tech X Company Limited

© Copyright 2021 SCB Tech X Company Limited. All rights reserved.​

SCB Tech X Company Limited

© Copyright 2021 SCB Tech X Company Limited. All rights reserved.​

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