Tech Tips for Life: Computer Vision Create Endless Opportunities for Businesses


Today, it’s our pleasure to have Khun Pun Chayut Jungpanich, Senior Data Science Project Manager at SCB TechX, joining us to shed light on how businesses are harnessing the power of Computer Vision. 👨‍💻


While humans and computers share some similarities, our perception and interpretation differ significantly. We rely on eyes and brains 👀 🧠, computers use cameras 📸, sensors, and algorithms to interpret what they see. However, computers’ intelligence in processing vast amounts of image data quickly and accurately, coupled with the advancements in technology, enables them to perform certain tasks as well as or closely to humans.

Hence, various types of businesses have integrated Computer Vision for applications such as:

  • 👨‍⚕️ Healthcare: Aids in disease diagnosis through medical device camera images.
  • 🚗 Automotive: Forms the basis of self-driving car systems, detecting and responding to obstacles.
  • 👛 Retail: Introduces cashier-less payment experiences, streamlining customer transactions.

These examples underscore Computer Vision’s pivotal role, akin to a potent lens refining image analysis for business applications, advancing AI capabilities, and promising new experiences for the future. 😁


Lastly, SCB TechX presents a comprehensive array of Data Management services via TechX Data & AI Solutions, meticulously designed by industry experts.

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