Category: Jobs

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support Technology Permanent Job Summary Technical Support will be responsible to resolve technical incidents quickly and efficiently in a timely manner in order to comply with the SLAs. This also include work through finding the root cause of the incident and process or suggestion what to do to avoid it happening again. Job Responsibilities […]

  • SRE Engineer

    SRE Engineer Technology Permanent Job Summary SRE are responsible to be on PagerDuty rotation and find solution or workaround within SLA. Daily monitoring. Create monitoring dashboard and alert metric. Develop and maintain incident runbook. Organize and execute failover testing, disaster recovery testing. Organize and execute backup testing plan. Finding solution to convert routine or manual […]

  • Database Reliability Engineer (DBRE)

    Database Reliability Engineer (DBRE) Technology Permanent Job Summary Automation build database by providing self-service tools. analyze and implement solutions regarding database administration (e.g., backups, performance tuning, Troubleshooting, Capacity planning) Job Description Analyze solutions and implement best practices for our main cloud database and its components. Build and enhance our tooling, automation, and CI/CD workflows that […]

  • Business Analyst

    Business Analyst Product Permanent Job Summary A Business Analyst is a professional who works closely with stakeholders to identify goals and business change needs, develop best practices, analyze current processes to determine what can be improved to achieve their desired outcome and recommend solutions in a way all stakeholders understand. The business analyst role is […]

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

    Quality Assurance Engineer Technology Permanent Job Summary A software quality assurance engineer will be required to oversee all aspects of software and product testing to meet business requirements. QA engineer responsibilities include designing and implementing tests both of automation and manual testing, debugging, and defining corrective actions. Reviewing system requirements and tracking quality assurance metrics […]

  • Solution Architect

    Solution Architect Technology Permanent Job Summary Solution architect works closely with project and development labs to seek for the optimum solution architecture design based on IT architecture constraint and project timeline. He/she also ensure the solution architecture design has alignment with architecture roadmap, principle and architecture patterns of the customer and SCB Tech X. He/she […]

  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer Technology Permanent Job Summary A senior software quality assurance engineer will be required to oversee all aspects of software and product testing to meet business requirements. This may include developing test plans, creating test cases, identifying faults, review test cases, and reviewing/producing QA report. QA also monitors every phase of the […]

  • Senior Business Analyst

    Senior Business Analyst Product Permanent Job Summary Senior business analyst analyzes business processes on a large scale and devises strategies to improve efficiency. A senior business analyst evaluates the technicalities of a business problem and then shapes and crafts business solutions intuitively. They also review business processes to help diagnose the business operational and technological risks. […]

  • Developer Advocacy

    Developer Advocacy Technology Permanent Job Summary The developer advocate strives to build awareness and programmes around technology platforms, tooling and development best practices within TechX. Another key focus is to execute advocacy campaigns and initiatives aimed at increasing developer efficiency while being a core voice for all engineering teams. Job Description Execute content strategy across […]

  • Software Engineer (Frontend)

    Software Engineer (Frontend) Technology Permanent Job Summary Software Engineer are responsible for deliver the application and ensuring the good quality and security in the time plan. The ideal candidate for this role demonstrates technical excellence, solid engineering principles, ability to write good/clean code and write automate test cases. Job Description Deliver the software in time […]

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