SCB TechX embraces data & AI technology to create the ‘TechX Data Platform,’ amplifying business opportunities and mitigating risks through integrated data governance

SCB TechX Co., Ltd. (SCB TechX), an expert in digital technology and a provider of Platform-as-a-Service within the SCBX Group, is dedicated to ushering in novel capabilities in data and AI technology. Its mission involves the creation of the TechX Data Platform…

In celebration the 8th month of the year, PointX offers new users a complimentary 800 PointX when they download the app and sign up. Additionally, we are excited to present eight remarkable promotions that can be enjoyed using these points indefinitely

Introducing “PointX” – the ultimate platform that consolidates all your accumulated points in one place, revolutionizing the way you use and gather unlimited points by making them as convenient as cash…

PointX and Bangchak unite to introduce “Point Exchange,” enabling limitless point utilization Transfer Bangchak Points to PointX for enhanced user experience and earn up to 1,000 PointX!

Introducing PointX, the ultimate platform that consolidates all your accumulated points in one place, empowering digital lifestyle leadership and expanding benefits to cater to every customer’s unique preference. The platform is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, “Point Exchange,”…

PointX celebrates rainy season with generous giveaway: Download the app and sign up for a chance to receive exclusive 600 PointX Special from 3 Jun. – 4 Aug. 2023

Introducing PointX, a revolutionary platform developed by SCB TechX, a leading digital technology company under the SCBX Group. PointX combines all your accumulated points in one convenient place. To celebrate the arrival of the rainy season, PointX has launched a “PointX Special” campaign…

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