Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)


Executive Overview

Over the years, de-regulation of financial licenses in many countries has created opportunities for FinTech startups to innovate new products and service offerings, which has gained market share from traditional financial instuitions. Moreover, the disruption in credit card loans heated up since the COVID pandemic, with the introduction of BNPL (Buy now, Pay later), service offering credit to end-customer at Point-of-sales as economic times were difficult.

One of the reason that institutions were unable to keep-up with FinTech startups was legacy infrastructure that was not designed for rapid scaling and product innovation, while new businesses leveraging Banking-as-a-service brought new value propositions to validate with users quickly. By adopting a cloud-based banking solution, this allowed business to iterate Build-Measure-Learn product creation efficiently without the need to be concerned about scalable and secure infrastructure.


Validate idea quickly – to accelerate the innovation as startup pace, teams need to access to development friendly platform. According to Lean principle, product need to many iteration of validation and pivot to become a successful one.

Ability to scale – due to investment requirement to build a core banking infrastructure, FinTech startups tend to adopt cloud-base Banking solution due to flexibility of the commitment and pay-per-use cost structure. This also allows ramp-up the infrastructure rapidly and readily.

Embrace inclusion – even though conglomerates/institutions may have many subsidiaries with wide lines of business, scattered and siloed liquidity is not efficiently utilized through composable architecture. This inherently reduces liquidity flow and expansion of customer segments and products. Furthermore, this cloud platform could attract new partners and ideas to build on top of.


Cloud-based core banking system that natively support composable architecture with ability to integrate via API. Without infrastructure to manage, teams are able to focus on product innovation and differentiated user journeys/experiences.

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