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Developer Advocacy

Job Summary

The developer advocate strives to build awareness and programmes around technology platforms, tooling and development best practices within TechX. Another key focus is to execute advocacy campaigns and initiatives aimed at increasing developer efficiency while being a core voice for all engineering teams.

Job Description

  • Execute content strategy across technology, platforms, products and best practices for TechX aligned to developer needs
  • Execute shared open-source repositories and internal product catalogues to enable greater re-usability while expanding assets (e.g. code libraries, SDKs) as development resources 
  • Execute developer needs discoveries and bridging gaps between overall technology vision and on-the-ground competencies with action plans
  • Run events related to technology initiatives that drive idea generation and upskilling/certification (e.g. hackathons, public forums, summits)


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Software Engineering, Computer Science or related fields
  • 2+ years of experience in IT consulting and solution architecture

Knowledge & Skills

  • Strong thought leadership, good at maturing people relationships, good listener, open-minded
  • Experience with system or software development methodologies, including agile project management or agile development
  • Ability to convert self-learnings into learning opportunities for the masses
  • Good command of English (Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening)

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