Job Skills: Analyzing Every Impact, Supporting Every Requirement


Are you considering stepping into the role of a System Analyst (SA) or shifting your career towards it? Today, we have Khun Earth Vacharakorn Suvannakita to guide us through the responsibilities of an SA, what an SA typically does, and what makes the work atmosphere at SCB TechX stand out. If you’re interested, let’s read this interview together.😊


Meet Khun Earth, our System Analyst

Hi I’m Earth, I’m a Senior System Analyst, graduated from KMITL in Computer Science. I started as a Programmer at AIS where I found a passion for analysis and system design. Alongside, I ventured into a board game café business, enhancing my management and communication skills. When SCB announced SA openings, I joined SCB TechX.


About System Analyst

In my role, I manage the bank’s OpenAPI and PDPA projects. I analyze requirements, design solutions, and prepare documentation for the development team. This enables effective communication across departments, fostering collaboration between Business and Technical teams. Whether with POs, BAs, Devs, or QAs, I work together to address challenges and support the team.


The Unique SA Role at SCB TechX

At SCB TechX, our well-defined processes and diverse tasks promote constant growth. Our hybrid work model ensures efficient planning, while convenient commuting options and flexible benefits contribute to a balanced work-life harmony, distinguishing us as valued team members.

Skills Required for System Analyst

For those interested, fundamental programming skills are essential, along with analytical thinking for understanding requirements. Soft skills like effective communication and presentation can greatly enhance our work.


The Team Dynamics of SA at SCB TechX

The SA team culture at SCB TechX is incredibly cohesive and engaging. Everyone is professional, responsible, and delivers excellent results. Peers offer continuous support and guidance, while seniors provide insights into career paths.


SCB TechX is currently accepting applications. Come join us as we embark on a journey of growth in the field of technology!


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