Tech Tips for Life: 5 Tips to Accelerate Business Data Queries


In today’s dynamic business environment, harnessing the power of data is essential. But how do we ensure that querying large datasets is both swift and cost-effective for seamless utilization? Today, Khun Jackpot, Pongsakorn Tangchitwilaikun, a Data Engineer at SCB TechX, will share five fundamental tips for everyone to implement:”

  1. Precision in Data Filtering: Include only essential data before usage. For instance, when calculating current-year product sales, utilize data solely from the current year.
  2. Optimized Data Display: When inspecting data in a table, limit the displayed rows to reduce resource consumption during calculations.
  3. Selective Column Retrieval: Avoid fetching all columns (SELECT *). Choose only the necessary columns to enhance efficiency in computation and display.
  4. Smart Use of LIKE: Minimize the use of LIKE, especially when logical filtering can be achieved with the Equal (=) Expression. For instance, to filter products with the color “RED,” use WHERE product_color = “RED” instead of WHERE product_color LIKE “RED.”
  5. Strategic Placement of LIKE: When using the LIKE command, make it the last filtering condition. For example, when filtering products with the color “RED” and names starting with “CAR,” the condition should be WHERE product_color = “RED” AND product_name LIKE “CAR%.”


Let’s implement these tips for a more streamlined and effective approach to handling data in your business endeavors.


Lastly, SCB TechX is ready to provide any organization with professional advice, technology solutions, and comprehensive Data Platform services through TechX Data Platform.


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