SCB TechX powers into 2024, securing victory with dual honors at the Asian Management Excellence Awards


SCB TechX Co., Ltd. (SCB TechX), a leading digital technology expert, offering platform-as-a-service within the SCBX Group, led by Mr. Trirat Suwanprateeb, Chief Executive Officer, proudly announces its success in securing two prestigious awards: Thailand Executive of the Year and Thailand Team of the Year in the technology category at the Asian Management Excellence Awards 2024. These accolades, bestowed by Asian Business Review, a prominent magazine covering the Asian business landscape, highlight the exceptional achievements of individuals and organizations, rigorously evaluated and judged by a diverse committee of industry experts. These awards affirm SCB TechX’s unwavering commitment to becoming a forefront technology company in Southeast Asia.

The recognition includes:

1. Thailand Executive of the Year: Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Trirat Suwanprateeb, Chief Executive Officer, SCB TechX has evolved into a leading technology company in ASEAN. His strategic prowess, coupled with exceptional management skills, has paved the way for innovative solutions and services that redefine service delivery and enhance customer experiences. Notable accomplishments include the development of the SCB EASY application, the Robinhood app tailored to the diverse lifestyle needs of individuals, and addressing the preferences of Thai users. This multifaceted platform allows users to effortlessly order food, request transportation services, shop for products, manage express deliveries, and conveniently book airline tickets and hotel accommodations. Additionally, the PointX application serves as a comprehensive points accumulation platform, while Venture Tank stands out as an internal venture capital initiative, nurturing a culture of innovation among employees.

2. Thailand Team of the Year: The award recognizes the outstanding achievements of the xPlatform team in revolutionizing SCB TechX’s DevOps operations. Their groundbreaking achievement lies in delivering an innovative ‘DevOps as a Service’ platform, effectively streamlining project initiation and development times. This has led to substantial reductions in operating costs for project development. The team excels in proficiently managing Cloud Resources, ensuring their optimal and beneficial utilization. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in enforcing security standards for managing cloud services across multiple platforms. This strategic approach not only enhances the flexibility of project management but also fortifies the competitive edge of businesses in the market. Additionally, xPlatform contributes to increased efficiency in work processes. Crafted from the direct experience of the DevOps team in maintaining systems for enterprise-level organizations, xPlatform distinguishes itself by its unique ability to comprehend challenges, provide effective solutions, and proactively prevent issues. This distinctive competence positions SCB TechX as the trailblazer in introducing DevOps as a Service in Thailand.

SCB TechX powers into 2024, securing victory with dual honors at the Asian Management Excellence Awards

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