Individuals can now pay their income tax with PointX instead of cash


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The “PointX” platform combines every reward point in one place, revolutionizing the way we use and accumulate points without any limitations. PointX was developed by SCB TechX digital technology experts under the SCBX Group’s and aims to elevate the user experience and meet the lifestyle needs of people in this modern era. In the latest innovation, customers can use PointX to pay all or part of their income tax with points instead of cash through the QR code Scan & Pay feature when submitting and paying their taxes electronically (E-FILING) on the Revenue Department website. For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center at 02-777-7777 or visit

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Steps to using PointX for personal tax payment:
1. Submit an online tax form via and confirm the tax amount that must be paid. Chose QR code as your payment method.
2. Open the Pointx app and click on the “Scan” icon; then scan the QR Code.
3. Choose “Pay with all points” or “pay with some points.”
4. Check payment information and exchange rates; then press “Confirm.”

Download the PointX application for a new world of unlimited  point accumulation and redemption at:

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• For more information, visit

Individuals can now pay their income tax with PointX instead of cash

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