Senior SRE Engineer
Job Summary

SRE Engineers are typically responsible for the availability and reliability in AWS cloud based of critical platform services and applications, ensuring they meet the requirements in terms of SLI, SLO and SLA. SRE Engineers also take part in on-call duties to fix cases related to support incident escalation. SRE engineers will collaborate with cross-function team to build and run sustainable product system.

Job Responsibilities
  • Be on a PagerDuty rotation to respond to availability incidents and provide support for service engineers with customer incidents.
  • Debug production issues across services.
  • Build automated script to manage platform infrastructure and applications.
  • Improve reliability, quality, and time-to-market by collaborate with cross-function team.
  • Able to create innovative solutions that push service reliability ahead of the curve
Knowledge, Skills and Competency
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering or other highly technical
  • Good software engineering skill
  • Above 5 years in AWS Cloud service. EC2, EKS, RDS, AWS batch, runbook script
  • 1-3 years in DevOps tools ex. Jira, Gitlab, Confluence, Terraform.
  • Above 3 years in Python or RPA ins preferable.
  • Good knowledge of ITIL is preferable.
  • Good knowledge in monitoring and Dashboard ex Prometheus , Grafana, ELK
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