Today, DevOps and Infrastructure teams often reduce EKS Worker Node costs using EKS Cluster Autoscaler. However, scheduling shutdowns to save costs for Non-Production Environments during holidays doesn’t scale the nodes down to zero due to active EKS System Pods. The xPlatform team from SCB TechX has an effective solution. Join us as Khun Few Poottipong Rueangsuntikornkul, Associate Infrastructure Engineer, shares how Karpenter, a tool that helps with customizable scaling and optimal resource utilization, can reduce costs effectively.

Key Features of Karpenter:

  1. Watching: Manage and control Pods created by the Kubernetes Scheduler.
  2. Evaluating: Assess Pods’ constraints such as Resource Requests, Node Selectors, Affinities, Tolerations, and Topology Spread Constraints.
  3. Provisioning: Create Nodes from instance types evaluated based on Pods’ requirements.
  4. Removing: Delete unused Nodes by analyzing non-EKS System Pods.

Using Karpenter significantly reduces costs and enhances the management of EKS Worker Nodes, especially during idle periods. Our team has tested and found it effective, That’s why we’re sharing this Tech Stack to help you optimize your operations. Next time, we’ll share more insightful DevOps use cases. Stay tuned to our page!

If your organization is looking for DevOps solutions to automate workflows and reduce business costs, SCB TechX is here to help you develop and deliver products and services to market, ensuring sustainable growth.

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