Tech Tips for Life: 5 Techniques for Data Anonymization


In today’s data-driven world, safeguarding customer privacy is key. Join us as Khun Bright Surasee Intarawat, a Data Engineer from SCB TechX, shares 5 quick Data Anonymization tips to ensure your data remains secure and anonymous:

  1. Data Masking: Masking certain parts of data, leaving only the last 4 digits visible (e.g., xxxx-xxx-1234).
  2. Data Generalization: Presenting data generically to avoid pinpointing the data owner, such as displaying the age range instead of the customer’s birthdate (e.g., 21–30 years old)
  3. Noise Addition: Add controlled noise to data for added security. For instance, representing a customer’s weight of 45 kilograms as 43 kilograms instead.
  4. Permutation: Swapping values within a column, like swapping data values between row 10 and row 50.
  5. Pseudonymization: Substitute original data with encrypted versions.


Let’s keep data safe and secure! For the Data Anonymization process, stay tuned for updates on our page 😊.


Lastly, SCB TechX is ready to provide any organization with professional advice, technology solutions, and comprehensive Data Platform services through TechX Data Platform.

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