UX Writer
Job Summary

As a UX Writer, you will help SCB design and deliver leading and innovative user experiences across our digital product platforms. You’ll be a hands-on copywriting expert, ensuring we craft delightful, clear, and concise copy for our users of digital products, while ensuring a consistent and aligned tone of voice across SCB products. You will work closely with multidisciplinary teams of designers, product managers, product owners, developers in a collaborative agile environment. Your role will enable taking concepts forward and bringing them to life while championing the value that design can bring to the customers and the business.

Job Responsibilities
  • Write and edit copy primarily for apps, web pages and other digital or physical touchpoints.
  • Identify the most simple, user-friendly, understandable and fresh ways to communicate complex content.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding and empathy for our end customer: whom are you writing for, what are their needs, painpoints, and moments of joy.
  • Tailor the content and style of each writing assignments according to their purpose – whether they are intended to inform usage or sell a product.
  • Work and contribute to content strategy and copy styleguide, as well as helping define the tone of voice in which we communicate to customers.
  • Work closely with UX, PO, Digital Business, Customer Experience, and Marketing teams to review the impact your work has created.
  • Provide insightful leadership when it comes to content strategy across SCB channels and products.
  • Help identify ways to improve the way of collaborating together with cross functional team members in order to be able to respond to feedback timely and effectively.
Knowledge, Skills and Competency
  • A foundation Bachelor degree in Arts, Journalism and Mass Communications, Language, Liberal arts or similar.
  • 2-3 years in journalism, marketing or creative writing.
  • Demonstrable body of work showcased in a portfolio with commercial based projects.
  • Possess a passion for creating intuitive, delightful and helpful guidance to users through effective copywriting.
  • Past experience in writing technical or financial content for mass audience would be beneficial but not require.
  • Demonstrate an outstanding body of work throughout portfolio, showcasing overall process, deliverables and personal contributions.
  • Has good English and Thai communication skills across speaking, listening ,writing, and translating.
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