Tech Tips for Life: What is A/B Testing?


How is A/B Testing beneficial to your business? Today, Khun. Rubina Rattanaruangsup, Data Science Business Analyst from SCB TechX, will summarize and recommend the steps and usage for you.

A/B Testing is an experiment where we analyze which option works better, with different groups of people that must be similar in behavior and characteristics. A/B Testing is a powerful tool for marketing, product development, and user experience optimization. Conducting a test starts with understanding what to improve, constructing a hypothesis, creating variables, running the test, analyzing the results, and deploying the winning changes. Here is an example of making assumptions and variables, an E-commerce company aims to enhance its conversion rates. The team observed a significant number of customers dropping off during the final stage of their purchase. So, they want to change the placement of the shipping cost display by giving Control Group as “Option A” where the cost is shown at the checkout, and “Option B” where the cost is shown immediately after selecting products that’s all. However, A/B testing comes with certain challenges, especially when the hypothesis is unclear or when there are too many testing elements simultaneously. For more details, we will share them with you next time please stay tuned. 😊


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